Pilot Program

Desgined for Next-Gen Organizations
Looking to Accelerate Innovation

The ARPIA Pilot Program is designed for organizations pursuing a competitive edge by adopting new technologies such as AI, Generative AI, Machine Learning, or Rapid Application Development.

ARPIA is the answer to resolve problems in hours and days, not months or years. Test drive how we can accelerate and deliver the solutions your organization needs.

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Pilot Program Specifications

  • Unlimited access to the ARPIA Platform.
  • Unlimited runtime credits in ARPIA Cloud throughout the pilot program.
  • Unlimited level 3 support to critical users.
  • Unlimited user access to the platform.
  • Guided ARPIA developer support.
  • 2 Product Specialists for direct contact.
  • Up to 5 days onsite or field specialist for pilot launch support or kickoff meetings.
  • Pilot program to test the solution from 1 to 3 months.
  • ARPIA credits and services free of charge. Third party charges may apply.

  • A working solution addressing the agreed scope.
  • Solution designs.
  • Cost-benefit analysis for ongoing use of the solution
  • Project plan for full production rollout post-pilot program.
  • End-user training guides in video format
  • User training for development and maintenance to extend the application in your organization.

  • A well-defined problem requiring a solution.
  • Organization buy-in to solve the problem.
  • Well-defined problem costs.
  • Consent to showcase the solution in our website.
  • Consent to create media content about the pilot program execution.
  • Consent to share with our prospects about the pilot experience in your organization.

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