ARPIA Customer Experience

Measure and improve experiences across your organization

Deploy one easy to use analytic platform for measuring experiences across your entire organization

icon web Web visitors & users

Add our simple code to your website and enable user feedback without the development hassles. Improve your websites or web app and convert more users to customers.

icon-customer Customers

Engage your customers and convert them into fanatics, listening to them and improving your products or services.

icon employees Employees

Engage your employees to become ambassadors of your organization, using predictive insights and feedback experiences.

icon businnes Business processes

Add feedback measurements to your own workflows, Create new and customer feedback experiences to your overall users and use our powerful analytics

A simple approach that unleashes improvement

Through our simple workflow you can keep up the good work in your organization, with little supervision

icon get feedback

1. Get FeedBack

Connect your feedback sources, ask direct questions and get reasons on users that are not pleased.

icon analyse

2. Analyze Insights

Discover with powerful insights reports and dashboards, what your organization needs to improve.

icon improve

3. Improve

Apply improvements and repeat the process to keep up the good work.

icon web WebSites

You can add our code in your website and prompt online users for feedback in less than five minutes.

icon outbound Outbound e-mail

With users investing no more than five seconds in reading e-mails from automated systems, take advantage of our simple feedback interfaces to get answers from the users in less than 1 sec.

icon events Events and Conferences

Know your attendees feelings about the content, activities and other areas of your conference or event.

icon human Human Resources

As an important resource in your organization, check that your employees are on the path to success!.

icon reail Retail Stores

Keep track of your customers’ experience in your store and take immediate action to bring real impact to your profits.

icon heal Healthcare

Make health caring again by traking your patien’s feelings about the service they receive and compare growth mode through your efforts.

icon restaurant Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Make your shop a better place every day! keep a check on your service and make changes as needed.

icon hospitality Hospitality

Standards are important! improving is the key. Track the levels of visitor satisfaction from check-in to check-out.

Empower your AI Applications with Experience Data

Using ARPIA CX your may enrich AI Applications like Customer Chum, Human Capital Optimazation and more adding a layer more of input data streamed directly from ARPIA CX to your ARPIA AI Applications. This enables better scoring from customer, employees, users and other peers in your organization.

Some of our Customers

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